New Live Stream Feature Delivers Your Live Broadcasts To Apple TV

Robert Blessing

September 8, 2016

Do you connect directly to your audience with live streams?

One of the benefits of doing live video broadcasts is that you actually can talk to your audience and answer to their questions in the middle of the live stream. It’s great for immediate reactions and live events.

The most common categories / industries for live streaming are entertainment and tv shows as well as live events in sports, music, technology or religion. Also live streams in the education space makes a lot of sense.

How to bring your live streams to Apple TV?

People like to consume your live broadcast at home. They like to watch live events on their TV screen in the living room. Smart TV devices like Apple TV or Roku are getting more and more used and this is how you – as a live broadcaster – deliver your live streams to Apple TV:

As you know, Tappla is an easy to use OTT tool that lets you build your own app for Apple TV, without writing a single line of code.

And with Tappla’s new live streaming integration, you can easily add your live streams to your own branded Apple TV app too.

That means your viewers can access your live events easily on their TV screens. All they need is an Apple TV.

It only requires 5 minutes of your time to setup your own branded Apple TV app with Tappla (with or without live events).

And you can use your existing live stream provider to broadcast your live events – Tappla integrates with all mayor live streaming providers. So it’s quick and easy way to deliver your live videos to TV.

Curious what your own Apple TV App would look like? Then request a demo today. It’s free.

Think creating your own custom streaming app for Apple TV is too difficult or too expensive? It won’t be with Tappla! Just connect your videos, upload your logo, and you’re ready to launch your own TV app for Apple TV.


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