Roku Channel Builder | Direct Publisher feed generator

Create a Roku TV Channel simply with your Vimeo videos and/or your live stream.

Use Tappla to generate a Roku Direct Publisher JSON feed and launch your Roku Channel in under an hour.

Zero Computer Skills Needed

Launch your own Roku channel in a few easy steps. No coding required.

Launch Roku Channel Fast

Connect Vimeo with Tappla. Then copy and paste your feed URL to Roku Direct Publisher. That’s it.

Keep your content in sync

Tappla automatically combines your Vimeo Showcase + live stream from any streaming provider and keeps it updated automatically.

Roku App Builder for Vimeo + Live Streams

When you connect your feed with Vimeo, magic happens

Are you using Vimeo?

Tappla – as your Roku feed provider – imports your video catalog from Vimeo and creates a video feed URL optimized for Roku Direct Publisher (JSON feed) and Amazon Fire TV (MRSS feed).

Enrich your video meta-data from Vimeo, merge playlists into one single feed and mix all with live stream HLS URLs.

Easiest way to build and manage video feeds for Roku Direct Publisher and Amazon Fire TV

Our tool helps you to create and manage MRSS & JSON video feed files that you need for Roku Direct Publisher and Amazon Fire TV Creator. Remove the complexity of building the feed by yourself: you don’t have to deal with syntax errors, update your feed manually or merge your different playlists into ONE single feed (required by Roku and Amazon).

Get your own Roku Channel & Amazon Fire TV App

With our powerful video feed manager, we optimize your video metadata and provide you a feed URL to get your videos listed on Roku & Amazon Fire TV.

Pull data from any streaming provider

We can easily pull your video catalog from any streaming provider (e.g., Vimeo, Boxcast, etc.) and turn it into a single feed URL optimized for Roku & Amazon Fire TV.

Powerful Technology = Reliable Feeds

Remove the complexity of the feed building and don’t bother any more about things like syntax errors, feed updates, and optimizations. We keep your feeds up to date & synchronized.

Boost your reach on Roku & Amazon Fire TV

Getting an optimized feed URL for Roku & Fire TV is a challenge. Tappla’s powerful feed manager is built to make feed URL building fast and easy. Plus the tool helps you to optimize your feed especially for Roku Direct Publisher and Amazon Fire TV.


Joining Data & Feeds into One Single Feed URL

Maybe your video hosting platform already provides you feeds, but for Roku and Fire TV you need to aggregate all into one single feed URL. Use our feed manager to join your feeds.


Keep your dynamic video data always in sync

Your feed will stay up to date and optimized with any changes you make on your streaming provider end.


Get alerts when something is broken

Receive email alerts with detailed error stats when Roku or Amazon have problems with your feed data.


Optimized feeds for Roku Direct Publisher & Fire TV

Get your videos discovered through the right metadata: our feed manager enables you to apply the right content types (e.g. mini-series vs TV special), category, language etc.

Get started with your Roku JSON feed + Amazon Fire TV MRSS feed now