Tappla is a no-code app builder

You have a Roku Channel? Use your Roku Feed to build your own native Apple TV app.

–> Create an Apple TV app in minutes + without coding.
–> You do NOT need to generate a new feed.
–> Tappla is purpose-built for Roku Direct Publisher users. 

Real quick App creation when you re-use your Roku feed & branding assets. We take care of App Store submission (under your own Apple Developer Account).

Only pay after app is published in the app store.

Build Apple TV Apps – 

The Roku Direct Publisher Way

Tappla hooks right into your Roku Direct Publisher feed, so you can build your own native Apple TV App in just a few minutes. 

1. Enter your Roku JSON video feed

When building a Roku Direct Publisher Channel you had to create a content feed. For your Apple TV app you do not need to create another feed. Simply use your Roku feed. We use the metadata of your Roku feed to populate your videos and stream dynamically.

2. Upload your brand assets

To match your Apple TV app to the look and feel of your brand, upload your logos, splash screen, and background image and select the color scheme for your app.

3. Let us publish it to the App Store

Once you’re ready with the setup, simply  invite us to your Apple Developer Account and we take care of the app submission process to Apple’s app store. 

Turn Roku Channel into Apple TV app

If you have created a Roku Channel already, then our no-code Apple TV builder is for you.

Our feed integration let’s you build beautiful, native Apple TV video apps the Roku Direct Publisher Way. 

  • Use your existing Roku Direct Publisher feed to populate your video content and stream dynamically. This gives you all the freedom to host your videos on your own CDN
  • Customize the look and feel of your app in our simple web dashboard
  • No hassle with the app submission process to the app store as we take care of that for free.

Try it for Free

Copy your Roku Channel and paste it on the Apple TV App Store

Only pay after app is published in the app store.