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LP – Church TV Apps – Build your own Church TV Channel for Apple TV

Engage your congregation with a custom Church App on Apple TV, Roku & Fire TV.

Looking to live stream your church service on TV? Want to offer your community an easy way to access your sermon archive on-demand on their TV devices? With Tappla, you can launch your own channel for Apple TV—without writing a single line of code.
Tappla makes it incredibly easy to turn your live streams and your on-demand videos from Vimeo (or other streaming platforms) into a custom, branded Church TV app for Apple TV.

“With my own TV Channel for Apple TV I can finally broadcast my live church service and sermons to the TV devices in the living room of my church members.”

If you’re thinking, “Sounds great! But what about all the tech stuff??” we hear you, and we’re here to help. Tappla makes creating a Church TV app easier than you can imagine.
  • Design your own custom Church TV app without coding
  • Broadcast your church services and events on TV screens
  • Grow your congregation and increase the engagement of existing members

Ready to take a look? Sign up for free to see how easy it is to create your own Church TV app.

How Tappla’s Church TV App Creator Works

With Tappla, you have a single easy-to-use web dashboard to manage your church’s live stream services, events, sermons, and other video content. You decide which content you want to show up in your custom Apple TV app.

Church TV app for Apple TV

Archived sermons become on-demand videos

Already have videos uploaded to Vimeo or another hosting service? Great! You can easily pull that content right into the app creator for broadcast on your Apple TV channel.


Instant preview of your church app

Instantly preview the look, feel, and function of your app after signup. You’ll see the layout and design on your dashboard and can easily make changes with the built-in tools. You can also check the behavior of your app directly on Apple TV—even before starting the app submission process.

Your Church TV app will be live everywhere 24/7

Your Church TV channel will give your congregation the opportunity to access your video content always, instantly and on-demand, all around the world.


Whether you already live stream your church services or it’s something you’ve been considering but hesitant about, Tappla’s got you covered—we integrate with nearly all live stream providers. With the app creator, you can transmit your live streams into your church’s Apple TV app. Now your community can stay engaged and current, even when they’re unable to attend services in person.

See how easy it is to keep your community involved from their very own TV screens and reach new prospects to join your congregation!

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