Engage your church members with a custom church TV app on Apple TV.

Looking to live stream your church service on TV? You want to offer your church members an easy way to access your sermon archive on demand on their TV devices?  With Tappla you can launch you own TV Channel for Apple TV without coding.

With Tappla you can simply turn your Youtube / Vimeo Channel and your Live Streams into an Apple TV App.

“With my own TV Channel for Apple TV I can finally broadcast my live church service and sermons to the TV devices in the living room of my church members.”

You don´t want to deal with all the technical setup – we get it. Tappla makes is fast and easy. Creating a Church TV app for your sermons and church service has never been easier.

  • Build your own custom church app without coding
  • Bring your church video services to the big TV screens
  • Plug your live streams into your app & broadcast your sermons & church events to the Apple TV devices of your church members.

How Tappla’s Church App Builder Works

With Tappla you have a single easy-to-use web dashboard to manage your live stream church events, sermons & other video content that will show up in your own custom Apple TV App. You can easily pull your archived sermons you might have uploaded already to Youtube or Vimeo Giving your church community the possibility to watch your church service on their TV screens via Apple TV is a great way to improve engagement within your church members.

Archived sermons / on-deman videos

You have your archived sermons already uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo? Perfect – just connect Tappla with Youtube / Vimeo and your sermon library will show up in your Church App.
Church TV app for Apple TV

Instant preview of your church app

Instantly check out your church app after signup. You see a preview of the layout and design directly in the web dashboard and you can also instantly check out the behaviour of your app directly on Apple TV – even bevor starting the app submission process.
Church TV app for sermons


Your Church TV Channel will give your church members the opportunity to access your video content always, instantly and on-demand – all around the world.


You do already live stream your church services? With Tappla you can seamlessly integrate your live streams into your own TV Channel on Apple TV. That way your church members can watch your live events at home from their TV device. We integrate with almost all live stream provider, so you can easily connect your existing live streaming service.
tv channel to show church service live streams

What people say about our church app service

Youtubers, video owners, schools, churches – many different companies trust Tappla to create their church TV apps.
We were exited about the quick & easy setup that Tappla is providing us and I think it is one of the best tools out there in the market at the moment. Michael Gebert - Crowd Dialog

All I have done is connecting my Youtube Channel with Tappla and that’s all. Believe me I don’t know anything about programming… If I can do it you can do it, too. Carolina Puga - Paulina Cocina