How an Apple TV app can boost your business

Robert Blessing

January 31, 2016
Boost your business with an Apple TV channel

Apple TV has been on the market for a while now. Over the years it has become the “industry leader” in the streaming TV space.

More than 25 million Apple TV units have been sold already.

To make it even more attractive, Apple just has recently opened up their Apple TV platform: The new Apple TV comes with a new Apple TV App Store.

[Tweet “This means it is now possible to reach these 25+ Million people with your own branded Apple TV app.”]

As Apple just opened up their platform for third party app developers, there is not much competition on the Apple TV App Store yet.

So it is a big opportunity to be one of the first and establish your brand as the first and only killer app for the big screen in your niche.

Why you should be one of the first to have an own custom Apple TV app?

Well, you probably noticed with your existing distribution channels that the performance is going down over time because of too much spammers and new competitors.

As Apple TV is a new big distribution platform, you avoid all of this.

Besides people normally spend more time watching videos on TV than on any other device. So this is the way to go to increase video views and view times.

And having your app icon on your customers TV screens encourages them to come back and consume more of your content.

Let us help you launch your Apple TV app quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Start with a free trial or request a demo.

Think creating your own custom streaming app for Apple TV is too difficult or too expensive? It won’t be with Tappla! Just connect your videos, upload your logo, and you’re ready to launch your own TV app for Apple TV.


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