It’s 2016 and people are consuming digital content now differently than some years ago.

To provide your users with the best experience, you have to give them simple solutions to easily consume your content from the device of their choice.

Tappla’s mission is to enable Youtube & Vimeo publishers to deliver their videos and events through their own branded TV app.

Our Apple TV App Builder Is Already Live.

Amazon Fire TV App Builder Is Coming Soon.

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“All I have done is connecting my Youtube Channel with Tappla and that's all. Believe me I don’t know anything about programming… If I can do it you can do it, too."

Matias has founded several successful startups and has realized that a website is no longer enough. Now it's not any more sufficient to get your product to the customer – it is important that you adapt your product to the devices your target audience is using and provide the best experience on these devices.

Matias Puga

Offer Your Users The Best Video Experience Ever.

Watching your videos on TV is more convenient than watching on a desktop PC. Besides having your app on the Amazon Fire TV screen gives you more "real estate".
This will result in more video views as well as trust in your brand.
Launch Your Amazon Fire TV App Faster.

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Integrates With Youtube & Vimeo

Quickly import your existing Youtube / Vimeo Videos. Then select the playlists you want to display inside your TV app.

Live Stream Your Events

Distribute your live streams through your TV app so that your community can watch your live events easily on their big TV screen.

Sell Your App and Make More Money With Your Videos

Distribute your videos via Amazon with a paid Amazon Fire TV app. Sell worldwide and set your own price. Payment collection is handled directly by Amazon. 


Actionable Analytics

Get the numbers to see how your audience is consuming your content on the big screen.

The quick & easy way to create your own Amazon Fire TV app.
Integrates with Youtube   -   No I.T. skills required.

Just connect your Youtube or Vimeo Channel with Tappla and keep the rest to us. We build your branded TV app and assist you in submitting it to the app store. All you have to invest is 10 minutes to get started. Then you can focus on making new videos and engage with your audience.

Have Your TV App Ready In Under 10 Minutes
You're Only 3 Steps Away from Having Your Videos On The Big Screen.


Connect Your Videos From Youtube / Vimeo.


Select Your TV Playlists

Upload Your Logo & Descriptions


Finally, to brand your app, we need your logo and a description for the app store. And that's it. After these 3 easy steps your app is ready to submit to the app store. We'll then even assist you in submitting the app to the app store.

Choose Your Color Codes & Logos For Branding 

Select the playlists that you want to feature in your TV app. When you later want to release new videos to your TV app, you simply have to upload the video to your 'TV' playlist on Youtube / Vimeo. That's all. In real time the video will be available for all your TV app users.

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Plus much more features are coming soon.

Tappla’s mission is to enable you to deliver your videos and premium content to your customers and new users via an Apple TV app.

Tappla uses your existing Youtube / Vimeo account and turns it into your own branded Apple TV app.

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High Quality App For High Quality Videos

Showing your videos on TV gives your brand a professional touch. Show your high quality videos on a high quality device & player.


Your Own Branded Apple TV App Is Ready

Within 10 minutes of input from you, your Apple TV app is ready. Get started and have your videos on the big TV screens.

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"We were exited about the quick & easy setup that tappla is providing us and I think it is one of the best tools out there in the market at the moment to use."

Carolina Puga
Paulina Cocina

Michael Gebert, Crowd Dialog

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Brian is a technologist specializing in developing innovative solutions for both large companies as well as startups. He founded Tappla to offer an easy to use, multi-client platform that is open for all YouTube and Vimeo publishers.

Brian Porter

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Our Apple TV App Builder Is Already Live.

Amazon Fire TV App Builder Is Coming Soon.

Waiting List Amazon Fire TV App BuilderCreate Your Own Apple TV App Now